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      Thailand is one of Southeast Asia. With economic growth in the industry in all aspects, especially the automotive industry. And are expected to continue to grow even more. And of course, the rapid expansion in the industrial sector. The division of labor became scarce. And wages would rising as well.
       KCT has seen one of the transport innovation. To assist and replacement labor shortages. In production lines and to optimize performance even higher. To provide the operator with the capability to manufacture, market and compete as well. Innovation and Transportation Commission is the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle). Considered an innovative automated transport vehicles. The precise functions. Flexibility performance. With programs using Micro Controller.It also has high protection system. Call us if you want AGV or LGV ( Laser Guided Vehicle)
AGV conveyer system
AGV for automotive factory
Electronic Repairing
Forklift AGV
Special Type AGV
Special Type AGV
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